Belmont Estate

A brand for a sustainable estate that you can truly 'be' at one with.

Visual Identity

Nestled deep in the Somerset countryside, Belmont Estate needed an identity to unite their wide variety of visitors, from school children on educational trips, to global companies looking to do good, and help them get closer to nature. This isn't a traditional country estate. Not stiff and stately but open and accessible. 
A place to simply 'Be' – to come and be closer to nature, to one another and to the things that matter.

We created a brand expression formed from the initials of the Belmont Estate – BE. Coming from the old English “beon” which means “to exist, to grow” – 'Be' gave us the perfect visual and verbal engine to evoke the many aspects of Belmont. Whether we’re promoting vast rewilding projects, hosting outdoor cooking classes in dense forests or welcoming guests for a relaxation break, this BE expression helped unify the brand.

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To visualise getting closer, we created a micro/macro image treatment; wide shots that show the scale and vastness of nature, juxtaposed with macro photography showing an intimate moment.

The dualism continues to the articulation of our typographic voice – on one side a modern sans exuding elevation and the other a rich woodcut serif landing the estate’s long standing heritage.

The colour palette is derived from the very fabric of the estate itself. Whether it’s the nature found all around, or the carefully restored buildings throughout the estate – all creating a earthy connection and closeness to the place.

Weaving our typography and graphic elements within each scene highlights the subject matter and pulls you even closer to nature.

Cyclical type compositions mimic the typesetting within the estate’s roundel whilst also drawing you into the focal point.