Elevating an icon for a consistent global design system.

Design System

Like many global brands, Carlsberg’s visual identity had become confused and fragmented across different regional markets. Fold7Design stepped in to re-establish a modern design system that would bring coherence and consistency to a much-loved beer brand. At the heart of our solution was an asset that truly harnessed Carlsberg’s visual heritage: its beautiful wordmark. We took this intricate, instantly-recognisable centrepiece and gave it an integral role in the revamped design system.

From scaling it to epic supergraphic proportions, to making it a transparent 'content container' that invites people into Carlsberg’s world, the wordmark now brings versatility and elegance across a variety of touchpoints. Our design system also introduced a framework for motion graphics for the first time, allowing the brand to fully utilise modern digital channels. Every detail was considered, ensuring we delivered a truly consistent and well adopted system. 

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From scaling it to supergraphic proportions increasing awareness and interest, to using it as 'content container' – an invitation into Carslberg’s world – the stage is set for their next chapter.

Every detail is considered and codified to ensure sights are set on a truly consistent and well adopted system. Defining a motion scheme for the brand for the first time was a priority, utilising the full power of modern channels.