A global rebrand that sits at the intersection of tech and taste.

Visual Identity
Design System

What Carlsberg’s R&D team in Copenhagen had created had the potential to revolutionise the entire draught beer category. They just needed to convince bar, pub and cafe owners to switch from their existing systems to this new draught dispensing system. The features sell themselves; Draughtmaster keeps beer fresher for 6x longer than steel kegs, are fully recyclable, lighter to move around and compress when used for easy disposal, and is portable enough to offer draught where it has never been offered before.

To launch this groundbreaking innovation to the world, we developed a completely new brand system that commanded this position. One that looked and spoke like a brand that wasn’t just a new service product, but a technological step-change in the future of beer. Along with refreshed product photography, bespoke iconography and collateral, at the heart of the branding is our super simple mark, an abstraction of the new PET keg.

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Avoiding conventions of the category, our identity drew inspiration from beyond the industry. From the outset, our creative inspiration was to find the intersection between taste and technology, employing a minimal, premium feel.

To visualise the technology within the Draughtmaster range –compressing their PET kegs inwards with each pour – we introduced a concentric line pattern originating from our Draughtmaster icon in the centre. In static form it shows the compressed state, but in motion, we can fluidly shift between both the before and after states.

This approach lands in physical applications too, with vivid orange accents energising an otherwise restrained colour palette.

Every component making up our brand system has been crafted to nod towards the core icon whenever possible, with both physical labels and digital UI elements drawing on the mark’s construct. The industrial design of Draughtmaster’s flagship product, the Extra10, even mimics our mark in its form.

Alongside an expressive kinetic motion system that exploits the products unique qualities, a shift into a 3D space enables us to dive through, rotate around and immerse ourselves within our concentric pattern itself.