Launching Japan’s biggest sweet brand in the UK

Visual Identity

Introducing Hi-Chew to a sweet-loving, digitally native Gen-Z audience was a nice problem to chew over. We solved this by creating a brand full of fruity nonsense that echoes the fun of childhood sweets, but in a more grown up context. Playing into the irreverence of the TikTok generation we created our brand idea – ‘Fortune Flavours the Bold’ – Hi-Chew’s fruity fullness inspires bold behaviours.

It’s out there with attitude and doesn’t do things by anyone’s rules, we even play against trends in social, with a big and bold graphic world that really pings against raw social content and brings the fruity chew to life.

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To create the brand’s visual language, we drew inspiration from Japanese TV graphics and street signage. Short, sharp and irreverent at times, punchy colour combinations bring the intense fruit flavours to the fore, resulting in a  brand world that is highly distinctive and fun.

Simple and blocky, it is highly versatile and can be used to create fruit, pattern elements, stickers and GIFs that can be organically shared across multiple digital platforms.

Expressive typography gives it a bold, confident, soft and stretchy look, with illustrations constructed using the shape of the chew.