A limitless identity for the world's pioneering Blockchain Operating System.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

In the complex world of Web3 – Near stand out as not just one the most infinitely scalable blockchains but, also, a wider ecosystem for a vast number of applications. More than a chain, they are an infrastructure and support network of developers, entrepreneurs and creatives. Near behave as a leader in a flourishing segment of tech and in every measure, provide the community its defacto “operating system” home. A new creative idea driven by these themes “Show the way” inspired the creation of a new identity system to enable the brand to do just that.

”The infinite canvas” derived from their dimension warping infinity symbol, provides the perfect visual playground and structure across any touchpoint, activity or experience the brand creates.

We amplified the brand symbols infinite construction across many new bespoke brand elements - from a new word mark, iconography and even the grid points on “The Infinite Canvas”.

Led by "Show the way", Near are making the sector more accessible, more human. Near were the first blockchain to introduce human-comprehendible usernames, much like usernames on social media. The design language supports this human-centricity using familiar UI-inspired elements throughout, that attach to the grid points organically.

"We are getting great feedback on the visual identity and I'm personally very thankful to be working with you all on this. You have taken time to truly understand the Near brand and push it to new heights. The more I work with this identity the more I love it. And I believe we haven't even scratched the surface of its potential yet."

Jake Stutzman, Global Head of Design – Near