An identity that performs, for a medium that has always performed.

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Radio has more proven effectiveness data than any other medium, yet continues to be overlooked and underrated by advertisers. For industry body Radiocentre, our task was to develop a visual identity that would retune radio’s appearance in the digital age, and shift perceptions of the medium to something modern, dynamic and relevant. Driven by the data, we created an infographic visual language and a brand system that nods to radio’s rich heritage, while maintaining a future-facing identity.

The result was a brand world which feels iconic, playful and as alive as radio is. A stand-out feature was the new logo that remixes well-loved icons from radio’s past with infographic elements. Audio levels became bar graphs and tuning dials acted as pie charts in the composition of a striking ‘R’ monogram for Radiocentre.

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The new logo remixes well-loved icons from the world of radio with infographics. Audio levels as bar graphs and tuning dials as pie charts – all recomposed into an R monogram for Radiocentre.

“Far beyond an exercise in visual modernisation, we saw an opportunity to focus the rebrand on radio’s unending comparative strengths. The identity is driven by its unseen effectiveness – a brand identity constantly performing, just as radio does day in day out”.
Tom Munckton, ECD – Fold7 Design